Thursday, October 25, 2007

Woke up the next morning and @#$%^&#.....

.....stole my bike.....not really, but it was a fitting song lyric for this week. So it's been one crazy month so far getting moved and robbed, but a promise is a promise, so who wants to see pics?
So without further delay, Welcome to big Matty's house!
Heres the front stoop with some fluted engaged columns, some dentil moulding and crown around the top. I thought the dog might coperate and stay on the porch for the photo shoot, but there were just too many squirrels out for him to stand it, so he stayed inside......

The house sits on a corner lot and has a picket fence around the whole backyard. We didn't have neighbors behind us before, just the Baptist preacher who had 4 acres, so it was a plus that we have a detached garage behind the house on the alley, to keep things a bit more private.the screen porch sits on the left side of the photo under that bit tree which keeps it nice and shaded. Just 2 blocks down the street there is a HUGE park complete with playgrounds, city rec center, tennis courts, so on, so on, but I had to know exactly how far around and its 1.2 miles in circumfrence. just far enough for a nice long walk with the dog.

We absolutely fell in love with this door in the dining room leading directly out to the porch. Since we don't have a firepit (yet?) the adirondak chairs fit nicely with a few small tables out there. To top it off, this is my favorite feature of the whole place, old school full mortise lock sets with skeletons for every door in the house. Bridget and I found a nice shade of pale yellow for our room, and I got the kids rooms painted (mostly) before we got moved in so we all had a place to retreat, that was finished. For now, there are still a bunch of things to unpack, arrange, rearrange, then alter B's rearranged arrangement at least a few more times before sh...ahem, We're done. (right...)

As for my beloved full size SUV gas hog, no word yet and we are on to day 3. My biggest problem with the whole thing is the timing of when it got boosted. Monday night, at 10:30 (with a mild buzz) the dog and I went out, did our business, and checked the doors on the truck...all locked. There were huge storms all day that stuck around all night. By midnight, it was gone, and one of my credit cards was used at a gas station. What pisses me off the most is that the bear and I stopped by the old placxe to grab some last minute crap from the house that was still left to go, like, 2 waterford vases, and B's beloved art glass lamp, among other things. My old boss used to say everything cost 200$, it dosen't matter what it is. A few years later, he said everything now costs 1,000$.....I have no idea exactly where the total stands now, but I have a feeling this is going to get costly. Poor Bridget picked up a rental car today since I need the other SUV we own and it reeked of cigarettes. to top that off, it is an ugly blue dodge .....whatever the hell its called, but she's not thrilled. I assure you of that. Saturday our agent is sending us to dinner at a nice restraunt tha only serves 20 a night, needs reservations a month in advance, and serves traditional country italian food.....Can you say veal boys and girls? I knew you could...thats all for now, I'll check in in a couple of days, but yarn time is a bit limited for another weeks or so.


micah said...

you know after thing go downhill, you get to fight your way back up the hill.

You have me permision to skip out on the halloween partying.

Oh man, and this Amityville movie is freaking me out man!!!! Im not going to sleep for a month.

sko_G knits said...

nice curb appeal! i love the corner lot. looks like you have a lot of potential for landscaping if you should ever want to redo it.

man, that totally sucks about the truck, and the crappy rental. but on the bright side? you got a killer house and a nice date coming up!!

soxophone player said...

I hope your truck was stolen from the neighbourhood you are leaving and not your new digs.

Egad, I don't lock the truck, and usually leave the keys in it. For that matter I seldom lock the house.

As the city gets closer to the country I may have to change that behaviour.

Mia said...

OMG. The house looks AWESOME, but that totally sucks about your vehicle AND credit card. Aw man.... you need alcohol this weekend, LOTS. And maybe just spend some quality time looking lovingly at your new door handle/skeleton key locks :)

And I've got a great firepit.. you can always feel free to bring the gang over and use mine :)

Dave Daniels said...

That's a pretty nice house, and I'm a fan of corner lots, too. Can't beat that for good ventilation during the summer.
Veal. Get the veal and a bottle of chianti.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

gotta tell ya; I love those mortise locks as well - the trim on those has a very unique backplate - one that I have never seen before but pretty similar to the one in my Mom's house in Indiana... from I think the '30s... Anyway, beautiful house and I know you'll trick out the landscaping with nice plantings come spring.

sad to hear about the vehicle - hopefully the insurance folks will help you resolve that soon.

We wanna see where you're gonna put all your knittin' stuff in the house - when that's all together, make sure you share!

Cat said...

Sheesh - sorry I've not been keeping up. Sad about the truck - do you have an update by now? Nice house. Keep it locked.

Mia said...


So are you riding a bike to work now like your brother? hehehe.

We need an update.. everything ok?