Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wintery Mix.....

On a day like today, I would find it next to impossible to study all day, but since I hit the books at 8am instead of going to work, I decided to take an hour and wrap up a WIP. Crosby (my GSP)and I had already shoveled once, and warmed up the misses SUV for her 2 hour commute, we decided to go out and hunt up where the squirrels had been in the yard. Even the old dog loves a snow day, but with his short coat, he dosen't last more than 30 minutes before wanting in.

The hat, cost about 150 bucks.....Let me explain- when you figure it's leftovers from the Rowan Yorkshire tweed aran sweater that didn't fit, well, thats it really, and I am still bitter about it. But here it is anyhow:

I had a hard time taking a self Pic that included the crown, but the opposing braids sort of collapse on themselves leaving a neat 2x2 cable along the outer edge, seperated from the next set by 2 purled sts. I'll try to get a better pic later with some help. The plan today, since now we have freezing rain and sleet coming down on top of about 3" of snow, will be to stay indoors. when all is said and done, we're supposed to have 5-7" of crap on the ground. Hope fully, the college will close, but somehow I doubt it. class should be small tonight and an abundant amount of parking spaces.....Stay home, stroke your TI-84+ calculator, and remember that if you don't have 4WD and can't drive to begin with, just stay home..............


Campus is CLO-SED!! time for total slackerdom to set in!