Thursday, August 21, 2008

on the grind.....

Big thanks to Mia, who baits (guilts : ) me into posting everytime I want to stop blogging/delete the blog/or in this case, just let too much time lapse between posts. Back in june, I started a familar call from a friend who said, "I could use your help for a weekend or two" on a flip of a historic house in a quaint affluent community outside c-town. I predicted history would repeat itself with this kind of thing and began a grueling 9 week grind with one day off in between.....As we finished the project up, it sold and closed within a week.

so for the last 2 weekends I drank beer on the porch and power knit. finished a pair of socks and a ribbed watch cap and am in the home stretch on another pair, no photographs of any of them to show, but I'll get to it this week, if it fits into my total slacker schedule. in a nutshell, I worked the summer away(totally worth it) without doing much outside of work. What I do have pics of, (drumroll please) is something I have searched long and hard for morethan a year to find, its the single most coveted retro-stretched limo style-beachcruiser-lowrider bicycle ever made and if you can find one (good luck) expect to pay through your......well, you get the point....

enough from me- Dig on this yourself:

Behold, the Kustom Kruiser "Roadster" ....The problem with taking a pic of m on this puppy is at 6'6", I still dwarf it and it barely fits in the back of my big f-150! seriously, I had to tie it down for the 90 minute ride home. I've also seen some Sweet custom ones like these, and this 2 seater... I was like a kid on x-mas morning, and the kids and I bombed down to the local ice cream joint for fun on it last night with a few other neighbors all on 2 wheels.

By the weekend, I should have knitting pics to post, unless of course I decide to get started on the next flip instead (it's already been bought), in which case, lord only knows when I'll get around to it. Thanks for sticking around!