Sunday, August 5, 2007

Yeah, more dyeing........So, completely envious of Micah's striped socks, I had to give it a try on myself. I got the idea from See Eunny Knit, and what a slick little method this is. I stopped by the Merc yesterday for lunch and to snag some more yarn to boil up before heading home to get busy. These pics don't do the color saturation any justice, but I am relatively pleased:
Yarn:Kreamer "Judy"
100% Merino superwash
Dye: ProChemical

Like I said, I'm pretty pleased, but I did get a few light spots from where I tied it way too tight, but I was all riled up getting started so who knows. The blue-ish color is very even but the green is sort of verigated.....hopefully, it'll be a nice effect. I wound this puppy into a skein around my nule post and a chair placed 12' away. I dyed it in 2 stages, and I have to say, that skeins this long hanging to dry in this heat, take no time at all! Not much else to report here, I think I'll spend the morning hammering away at the second sock for the wife so I can get to casting on these! Enjoy .....