Thursday, August 2, 2007

So, Let me first say that a few really good people e-mailed me and persuaded me to keep blogging, so here I am. I really do like getting comments, but no one likes being picked on, so heres my mini lecture. if you don't enjoy the content, don't come back...if you feel like being an asshole, please keep in mind that knitting is a small world, and I might just run into you somewhere, and may just decide to whip your ass because sensitivity and good judgement are not attributes that come easily to me, making rash decisions however I do very well. Enough about that. lets get to the yarn...
I got my first order in the mail from Pro Chemical today! I cannot say enough about their service. I even got to talk to someone on the phone about a question I had and man were they nice.....I can't say enough about them. Just look at all those colors....brown(I refuse to say mocachino), charcoal, avacado, mallard green, olive drab, and sun yellow.....that one, ummm, must have been a mistake, I check into that one later.

This colorful display was brought on by one of my little ones, who was lobbying for a new pair of knucks. That was all the excuse I needed to dye some up. I used Jacquard dyes and knit picks bare merino DK. I have some kraemer waiting for me this weekend though. I can't wait!
This was some leftover Dye I had lying around in a jar thatwhen diluted, made a really nice rose color, and the wife was begging for gloves knit from it. This yarn I scored from the wooster Ohio fiber festival back in june and although a bit scratchy, dyes well and isn't terrible to knit with.

All in all, dyeing has been one fun experiment, but I still haven't dyed for myself yet. This weekend, it's all about selfish dyeing and knitting!